I am an existing McDelivery user and don't have a password. How do I sign in?

An email with your account details has already been sent to your registered email address. If you haven't received this, click on 'FORGOT Password?' located at the top right corner of your screen and we will send you another email with instructions.

I am new to McDelivery. How do I set up my account?

Click on 'REGISTER' at the top right corner of your screen. Key in your personal details and agree to our terms and conditions. Your account is now ready.

How do I add a new delivery address to my account?

You can add a new address by going to the 'My Address book' section in the 'My Account' menu, or by clicking on the 'Add address' button when you start ordering.

How do I change my stored delivery addresses?

Your stored delivery addresses can be modified by clicking "Change / Add Address" but you can add up to 5 delivery addresses in total. If you need to add more, just delete an existing address.

Can I change the email address for my account?

We're sorry but this feature is not available for now. Please register a new email account to start ordering now.

Can I contact McDonald's to change the email address for my account?

For security reasons, McDonald's cannot access your email account.

I've forgotten my password. How do I reset it?

Click on 'Forgot password?' at the top right corner of your screen. Enter the email address you registered with and further instructions will be emailed to you.

I've forgotten/cannot log in with my email address registered previously on McDelivery.qa What must I do?

Register a new account with an email address (different from your previous one) to start ordering.

How do I start ordering?

Click on 'ORDER ONLINE NOW' on the main page banner. The estimated delivery time to your location will be shown. Start adding items from the menu to your shopping bag. If you haven't logged in, you need to sign in before adding items. When you've finalized your order, click the 'Check out' button at the bottom of your shopping bag.

How do I place an advance order?

Click on 'Order in Advance' from the top menu and select your delivery time and address. Choose items from the menu and click the 'Check out' button when you're done. If you haven't logged in, you need to sign in before selecting menu items.

Is there a minimum order value for delivery?

Yes, a minimum order applies to all McDelivery orders.

Is there a delivery surcharge?

A surcharge applies for every order via McDelivery.qa or via Call Center 44076666.

How do I order extra condiments?

Click on the dropdown arrows next to each condiment to select the quantity you want (there is a limit on the maximum number of condiments you may order). Please note that you may be entitled to a certain quantity of free Nugget Sauces, depending on your order. Additional units of Nugget Sauce will be charged.

How do I amend/remove items from my shopping bag?

Click on the small yellow dropdown on the right of the ordered item to select a different drink (for meals). To remove the item from the shopping cart, click on the yellow text "Remove" below the item or the "-" sign next to the quantity of item ordered.

What are the payment options available to me?

You can pay by cash at the point of delivery for orders placed through McDelivery™ hotline service or for orders placed through the McDelivery™ Site.

How should I enter my credit card number?

Please enter only the 16-digit card number, without spaces.

What is CVV2?

CVV2 is a 3-digit security code printed on the back of credit cards for internet transactions. It is always the last group of numbers in the signature space on your Visa or MasterCard. The CVV2 is usually preceded by your card number and helps to confirm that a genuine card is being used during a transaction.

How do I check the status of my order?

Click on 'Track my Order' from the top menu and enter your order number (you can find your order number in the confirmation email sent to you after your payment was received).

Where can I change my account info?

Once you've signed in to the site with your username and password, select "My Account" from the top menu. You can change your account information there.

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